Anyone else have "Night Terrors"? How did you stop them?
1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Anyone else have "Night Terrors"? How did you stop them?
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2016-10-09 05:27:13 UTC
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2006-04-09 08:51:41 UTC
Try what phatcat77 said.
2006-04-09 08:38:31 UTC
Mostly, children have night terrors. It usually goes away as they get older but sometimes they need therapy or undergo a sleep study. I would suggest trying Valerian root before you go to sleep. It is a natural relaxer that you can find at your local homeopath store. It works great for calming a restless mind. You can also get a relaxation cd to listen to before you go to bed. If they continue to interupt your sleep try talking to a professional.
2006-04-09 08:32:17 UTC
ummm u should read a funny book before sleep and thats wht u'll think of at nite therefore not have terrors
2006-04-09 07:59:03 UTC
Just don't eat before you go to sleep.
2006-04-09 07:56:59 UTC
It sounds to me like you have bad spirits around you. They could be causing the terror, and the bruises.

Say this quote around your house and make sure they hear you: "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave this house immediately." Also, say "I will shed the blood of Jesus Christ on you."

This will make evil spirits go away, they have no power over the power of Jesus. I know it sounds crazy, but when you get that creepy crawly feeling, your mind is telling you that you need to get up and bolt away from where you are, probably because of a bad spirit.

Have you noticed if you have been in a dark, bad mood lately? The bad spirits tend to follow a person around and cause those bad moods, and keep you there. Say those sayings to them and they will go away and you can finally get some sleep!
2006-04-09 07:54:27 UTC
Try using a sleep balm, like badger sleep balm or a lavender oil on your temples to really knock yourself out before you go to bed. Or a hypnotherapy tape might help to give you a more relaxed sleep.

It's worth a go!
2006-04-09 07:53:51 UTC
Oddly enough, night terrors usually come from lack of sleep. If you can, nap during the day, just make sure to get the rest you need. Also, if you're stressed it can bring on night terrors since your brain can dwell on things in your sleep. Try seeing a sleep specialist or talking to your doctor. Check yahoo health for information on night terrors.
2006-04-09 08:48:43 UTC
Here are a few options:

1, the house you are living in is haunted by ghosts that terrorize you in your sleep since that is when you're most venurable.

2, eat plenty of onions and put one under your pillow.

3, try to sleep in a public place or at least have a friend sleep over and see if it makes a difference.
2006-04-09 07:59:46 UTC
I found that if think about all the things that I found destressing in past dreams just before I go to sleep. that they do not appear that night. It's sort of facing your fears. When your sleeping your hidden fears in your subconcious come forward in your dreams. But if you face them while awake, then they are no longer in your subconcious etc.

Try it, it works for me. If not then your best bet is to see a professional.

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