Are most people happy ?
2005-12-31 21:15:51 UTC
Are most people happy ?
Ten answers:
2006-01-01 02:26:58 UTC
I think that all people have ups and downs. I don't think anyone can be happy all the time. I would be happy to just try and stop worrying so much.
2006-01-01 06:19:45 UTC
I think most people are happy, but pressure of every day living , these days cause stress. A lot of people think they are happy, but given a different job, living arrangements etc. they are more happy, just depends what is going on in your life at a certain time.
2006-01-01 07:09:34 UTC
Actually, America is country where the people are the least happy. And it all boils down to how sexuality has been commercialized and marketted off by the media -- It sells!

...except for the people who don't like, act, talk, and dress a certain way, which, in reality, boils down to zero. Impossibly large cup sizes are thrown in our faces all the time, and we begin to expect ourselves to model after that. No less, media keeps flipping images of "perfect" people and "perfect" places at us nonstop.

I think to solve this problem, we all need to get our head out of our asses and come to realize that it's an illusion and what the TV networks are putting in front of us is not real, nor is it intended to be.
2006-01-01 09:40:02 UTC
Don't want to cast my pearls before the swine here but, Search first God's kingdom and then happiness will be yours.
816 keepinitreal
2006-01-04 06:18:04 UTC
internally i would say no.we're searching for something thats out of reach or sight.surface wise yes we're showing happiness.
2006-01-01 05:16:35 UTC
Yes. But depression is high in the states.
♣ dude2000 ♣
2006-01-01 05:17:15 UTC
People who think theyre happy dont know how much better it could be. people who think theyre sad dont know how much worse.
2006-01-01 05:23:41 UTC
2006-01-01 05:17:02 UTC
Probably not.
2006-01-01 05:26:02 UTC
what a dumb question

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