Dream translator... Please, can you translate my dream?
The Bearded One
2006-04-05 11:38:27 UTC
I has a technicolored dream last night that I was hunting monkes so I could pop them in the noggin and eat their brains. I was planning on selling tickets for this too for $25 per person. The whole time hunting in the jungle the 80's band The Buzzcocks were jamming behind me...

Then my wife showed up holding some huge pair of GI-Joe pajama's telling me I needed to pich up more around the house.

While all of this was going on Bush was on a huge TV floating in the air and Howard Dean was doing his freak yell in Bushes ear.

Then some elk ran by me and told me in navaho to stay easy and eat of the purple grass... so I did, then I woke up...

How do you translate THIS???
Nine answers:
2006-04-07 09:10:16 UTC
You spent too much time with the Navajo picking peyote and indulging them in thier quest for whirled peas, um, I meant, world peace.
2016-10-05 16:47:31 UTC
Dream Translator
2006-04-05 11:49:54 UTC
You see chaos in this world, but it doesn't scare you. In fact you are looking for ways to capitalize on it. The pajamas represent the war and a realm of childishness. Your inner voice is saying that you believe that it's wrong and you should do more to end it. (spouses keep us grounded so they are the voice of reason in our dreams.) The Howard Dean thing is pretty much showing you that GW doesn't always listen, so the whole elk thing is to perhaps reminding you that the environment is also suffering but and if we all don't take a stand well--grass isn't going to be green.
2006-04-05 14:10:48 UTC
Your life is chaos, your wife knows it and you like it that way. In there is a warning to get a grasp on things while you still can and find a new drug dealer.
2006-04-05 11:42:48 UTC
The answer to this one is very easy and very clear: Whatever hallucinogenic drug you took before you went to sleep is the clear cause.
2006-04-05 11:43:35 UTC
wow...thats a pretty intense never heard of anything similar to it...but it the key points like eating monkey brain..g.i. go pj's...your wife tell you to clean up after your self...stuff like that....and then put it all together...dreams mean just gotta look...good luck
2006-04-05 11:48:25 UTC
you're conflicted about something in your life... without knowing you it's hard to say what it is. you have to make a choice about something and you're not sure what to do or you're conflicted about different aspects of your masculinity or role as a man.
Marianne not Gingerâ„¢
2006-04-05 11:40:00 UTC
You're horny.


I just read the other answers and they sound so smart and analytical....maybe I should re-analzye this dream of yours.

**Second Edit**

Nope.....still means you are horny.
2006-04-05 11:42:05 UTC
leave the drugs

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