how can i stop myself from crying?
2006-03-25 01:17:43 UTC
how can i stop myself from crying?
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Love Peace
2006-03-25 01:44:13 UTC
Try to Develop more positive thoughts, and remove or be indifferent to negative thoughts. Look at negative feelings / incidents as passsing clouds. Apply the same temperment towards your relationship with frinds and foes. Another importnat attitude is freely move with society and frinds, without hurting any one, and controlling your hard feelings (and avoid expressing it)and don't do outright criticism. Even mind control and Yoga may help. Try to be like a 'good snake'that hisses but does not bite. Last but not least is that dont get envy / jealous looking at others success.

I used to be like you, and even more depressed than you. But I am changing for good.
2016-05-20 08:57:28 UTC
Well, I am the same way when I have PMS. Usually if I know PMS is coming on, I give myself a big break. Especially if I've had a bad week. I go out and rent about 3 good movies, and allow myself a few good snack foods, I put on my cozy clothes and get my blanket and just enjoy a good movie day. Or, if you're not in the mood for that, try doing some cleaning. When you're cleaning and actually concentrating on cleaning, you don't think about what's bothering you and you are actually accomplishing something so you feel better. Same thing with baking. Baking is therapeutic. This may sound silly, but I have a list of things that make me happy so that when I have a bad day and I'm upset, I pick something from my list that makes me feel better. I have a list because sometimes I forget what to do. My list is something like this: Read magazines Bake something Go to one of my favorite places Call a friend Call my mom and bug her Play with my kids Watch good movies and have some yummy snacks Go for a walk Play Basketball Etc...You get the idea, Get up and DO SOMETHING! If you sit around crying, you won't be able to stop.
2006-03-25 14:34:37 UTC
Most people cry the most when they are depressed and have something that is really bothering them. But the best way's I feel to stop crying is by talking to someone,writing in a journal. DOn't bottle up you feelings, because that is very unhealthy and can cause some serious mental issues and makethings even worse for you.
2006-03-25 22:22:23 UTC
For me, the best way to stop crying is to get up and do something. Anything. Even if it's just washing the dishes or making your bed or watching a movie. Anything to get your mind off of it for awhile.

On the other hand, forcing yourself not to cry causes a lot of stress. Believe me, I know. Crying is an excellent reliever of stress, and it helps get out a lot of emotions that could be harmful to you if kept inside.
2006-03-25 02:27:04 UTC
I don't think that you should stop crying. If you are that upset you must need a release. I don't know anything about your cercumstanses, but I really would urge you to not get get upset about crying. Let it out! If you think that it's abnormal you might try talking to an (800) number that's anonimous. I'm in AA and there are all kinds of friends out and about that will listen. I'm worried about you.
2006-03-25 01:47:08 UTC
Hang out with friends, talk about everything that comes to mind. talk about other people how silly they look etc have fun

but there's no need to offend somebody entirely to entertain your self.

Know and feel that something good is going to happen for you

something truely great you dont yet know about your self, its living a happy healthy life and aging (its a good thing). You will see how beautiful life actually is and nothing will cause you any grief. And even if you have to, give it Time as time will heal that pain.

Depression is a serious condition it is not something temporary. most of us have it without knowing and thinking it will go away, it will when you seek professional help or find ways to enjoy your self without the feelin of melancholy. Depression can and will link to heart failure, litterly if you let it. This has been proving in most woman.

All you need is love, good love waits but to find 'good' love you need to persuade it. Get to know people around you

talk to them, we all have something to share or something in common. Dont feel left out and specially dont be left out!

Good luck!
2006-03-25 02:21:12 UTC
If you find that you are crying on a regular basis and feel generally unhappy most of the time, you are probably suffering from depression. See your doctor as soon as possible. Don't be ashamed, it happens to the best of us. Depression has had a stigma attached to it for a long time but is becoming more and more recognised. Thanks to high profile people talking about their depression and mental health awareness campaigns.

I have found that seeing my regular doctor, one who knows me, has been an added benefit.

An excellent web site I have found for depression and anxiety is
2006-03-25 01:34:40 UTC
the more you attempt to stop, the urge to cry increases. also, it would mean u r running away from reality. so just go on, cry till ur heart is satisfied and in peace. the tears stop naturally.
2006-03-25 01:26:56 UTC
When you are crying immediately just try to bring a smile on your face or ask anybody some jokes and laugh. or take any storybook and start reading. any funny storybook. or even watch computer and go to yahoo answers and try to earn more points than always crying. or watch TV also.
2006-03-25 01:23:05 UTC
Try to think about positive things in your life like your family, your friends and your accomplishments. I am sure you'll find something that will make you smile and take your mind off crying. I wish you luck
2006-03-25 01:21:52 UTC
If you're upset over someone or something, try to think of the funniest moment about it or with them. It's hard to say without knowing any details darling. I hope you get to feeling better, just remember laughing is the best medicine for being upset.
2006-03-25 01:45:08 UTC
crying is the result of deep problems is better to cry that to collapsed anywhere.try to talk with someone who can help you to lessen the tense and confusion inside your need counsellor.
2006-03-25 01:34:49 UTC
The problem is what you think and what you want. Crying isn't that important.
2006-03-25 01:19:02 UTC
Write in a journal, talk to someone friend/parent, maybe a dr for antidepressants.
2006-03-26 15:31:31 UTC
i just think of good times i have with my best friends, abby or in my head i think of a weird song like row row row the boat
2006-03-25 01:19:05 UTC
if u cry for some minutes daily , ok it will release u , if more , chk ur doctor
2006-03-25 03:44:25 UTC
Think happy thoughts!
2006-03-25 01:29:06 UTC
Have your tear ducts surgically removed.
2006-03-25 02:11:04 UTC
stop cutting the onions
2006-03-25 01:19:03 UTC
make your self laugh
2006-03-25 01:21:32 UTC
talk,think of somthin funny,but that doesnt work...
2006-03-25 01:20:23 UTC
don't will happen when you've finished

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