how do u know if a child has bipolar?
2006-03-03 11:11:53 UTC
i need to find out if my child has bipolar or not one dr says yes and the other says no
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2006-03-04 14:21:47 UTC
The word "bipolar" is simply a label used to categorise a list of psychosocial traits that Psychiatry considers to be improper or abnormal in society. Psychiatry defines these traits as a "mental illness", and promotes it as a "disease" that requires "treatment".

It is not a "disease", despite claims or implications made by certain psychiatric and pharmaceutical organisations. There is NO credible scientific evidence that shows the existence of what constitutes "bipolar" as a biological/neurological disorder, brain abnormality or "chemical imbalance".

"For a disease to exist there must be a tangible, objective physical abnormality that can be determined by a test such as, but not limited to, blood or urine test, X-Ray, brain scan or biopsy. All reputable doctors would agree: No physical abnormality, no disease. In psychiatry, no test or brain scan exists to prove that a 'mental disorder' is a physical disease. Disingenuous comparisons between physical and mental illness and medicine are simply part of psychiatry's orchestrated but fraudulent public relations and marketing campaign." Fred Baughman, MD., Neurologist & Pediatric Neurologist.

"Chemical imbalance…it’s a shorthand term really, it’s probably drug industry derived… We don’t have tests because to do it, you’d probably have to take a chunk of brain out of someone - not a good idea." Dr. Mark Graff, Chair of the Committee of Public Affairs for the American Psychiatric Association. July, 2005.

Symptoms that psychiatry labels as "bipolar" (or it's related disorders), can stem from any number of variable sources. Many people, for example, have overcome "bipolar" through megavitamin therapy and effective nutrition. A growing wealth of evidence supports that underlying nutritional deficiencies can cause even the most severe mental disorders, including symptoms labelled as "schizophrenia" [See source refs]

Bottom line? Psychiatry is a belief-system, a "faith", not a science. Despite the huge marketing strategies, the so-called "research" and all the propaganda thrown at the world, there is not one iota of scientific evidence that proves that "schizophrenia" or ANY mental illness, in fact, exists as an actual --medical disease--.

The U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health states: “The precise causes (etiology) of mental disorders are not known” and that “there is no definitive lesion, laboratory test, or abnormality in brain tissue that can identify the illness.”

If you have been told differently then know this: You have been lied to.

For more information, please visit:

Decoding Psychiatric Propaganda

For information on non-drug / alternative approaches:




2006-03-03 11:15:47 UTC
You know your child better than any doctor does, because you are the one that is around them the most and can observe their behavior.

These symptoms of mania are seen with bipolar disorder I. In people with bipolar disorder II, hypomanic episodes involve similar symptoms that are less intense.

Elevated mood

Racing thoughts


Increased energy

Lack of self-control

Inflated self-esteem (delusions of grandeur, false beliefs in special abilities)

Over-involvement in activities

Reckless behavior

Spending sprees

Binge eating, drinking, and/or drug use

Sexual promiscuity

Impaired judgment

Tendency to be easily distracted

Little need for sleep

Easily agitated or irritated

Poor temper control

There are also test that can be done. I would suggest getting one more opinion from a doctor so that it isnt 50-50. Here is a link you can check out for more information...
2006-03-04 21:33:31 UTC
Bipolar disorder in children is exhibited differently than in adults, the book "The Bipolar Child" by Demitri F. Papolos may help. You know your child the best go with what you feel is right. My child was recently diagnosed as bipolar. It also helps to be able to find a doctor your both comfortable with.
2006-03-03 11:21:17 UTC
Bipolor disorder is marked by up and down mood swings. If you suspect that your child is exhibiting these symptoms, have him checked out by a doctor.
2006-03-03 11:14:08 UTC
Take the child and get him/her tested.
2006-03-03 11:20:37 UTC
well if he has the symtoms i would go with the dr said yes

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