Should I tell an employer I have a mental illness?
2006-03-27 22:38:56 UTC
I have thought about this before. I went into a partnership with a guy a few years ago and shared it with him right away. Am I obligated to tell an employer if I have a chronic disorder?
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2006-03-27 22:47:58 UTC
No way, don't tell them. I have a mental illness (not one that's going to affect anyone else) but still, it's my own business. I haven't told my employer. It's true, people will judge you even though they are not legally allowed to. It's hard enough to deal with a mental illness without worrying all day at work what your boss is thinking of you. When I was at high school many people knew about my illness, but it was such a relief to go to uni because i didn't tell anyone and nobody knew, i felt relieved in the fact that no one was judging me and I didn't have to feel uncomfortable whenever the topic of mental illness came up in classes at uni. I didn't have to feel like everyone was staring at me.

I'd say keep it to yourself.
2006-03-28 10:50:06 UTC
If you need a special accomodation under the ADA, you must tell the employer at the time you are hired. A special accomodation would include changing your work schedule to allow you to go to weekly therapy sessions or assigning you different duties because of your condition. Otherwise, you aren't required to tell them. If you do tell them, you can expect to be discriminated against. Even though that is illegal, it is so difficult to prove that you basically have no defense. I have chronic depression and have had this experience with several employers.
2006-03-27 22:47:04 UTC
Are you a threat to anyones safety or wellbeing? That is definitely a moral issue? But if you're just feeling guilty of slight depression or merely confused like the rest of us DONT tell anyone it'll make you crazier. If medication is involved and the side effects are truly a hazard, YES telling them might help you.
2006-03-27 22:44:15 UTC
yes if it may affect your job performance. If your employer ever feel that there is something wrong and don't know you have an illness, they may not understand how to deal with you and misinterpret it, which may lead to you getting fired. If you let them know then they will understand. You are not obligated to tell them. But if it may affect you working there, then it is necessary to tell them.
2016-09-24 17:47:56 UTC
i substitute into asked this on all yet between the job purposes i've got had. when I utilized to artwork at a close by food market, they asked approximately any psychological illnesses that i will have had. when I worked as a nanny, in addition they asked. as nicely as whilst i substitute into an animal care taker. the only job I had the place they never asked approximately any psychological illnesses substitute into when I worked in a quickly-nutrition type place. even regardless of the indisputable fact that, the roles i substitute into asked approximately it have been in CA and the job I wasn't asked approximately it substitute into in AZ. Its unlucky which you will possibly desire to manage that, even regardless of the indisputable fact that, maximum jobs, like union ones, at the instant are not allowed to discriminate against you because of the fact of it.
Dave R
2006-03-27 22:41:07 UTC
Generally no, unless your disorder puts other people at risk. For example, if you're an airline pilot who suffers from psychotic breaks, I would imagine that you're obligated. If, as another example, you're a computer programmer who's bipolar, you're probably not.
2006-03-27 23:12:31 UTC
no dont do it ... my last employer drove me to mental illness and then started putting me on all kinds of different crazy shifts and stuff and they knew i had to take lots of meds and that i needed a regular shift as some of these were night time prescriptions that needed time to wear off before i could drive... but they still put me on crazy schedules and then called me in like six hours after i went home and expected me there in an hour...told me if i didnt make it i was fired ...well guess who didnt make it in ? haha anyways...i think they were trying to get rid of me...i dont know anyways just maybe keep it to yourself unless its necessary to tell them
2006-03-28 02:02:58 UTC
No - unfortunately there is still a stigma attached to mental illness. Only fess up if you start wigging out at work and ensure they assist you to be able to do your work.
Question Monster
2006-03-28 05:08:57 UTC
You should tell yourself that you are normal.

I don't accept the term "mental illness".

I do accept the term "we're all at a different level of awareness".
2006-03-27 22:49:16 UTC
yes, why not. It's your right to work with other people as long as you dont hurt anyone just go on tell them and let them know your strong to face your problem and your not ashame of your self.
2006-03-28 10:47:29 UTC
OH YES, go to Wal-Mart, they will hire you based solely on your having a mental illness
2006-03-27 22:46:39 UTC
Yes, if it affects your work. It wouldn't be reasonable to take a job with UPS if you can't lift more than 10 pounds...
2006-03-27 22:43:38 UTC
Personally, if I am applying for a new job I would not place this on my application because it does not prevent me from performing my duties.
2006-03-28 08:41:04 UTC
Hi, the answer depends on the job you're at.. if you're not risking any lives or costly equipment or stuff like that... you should keep it to yourself. Thanks for the mail. Well i read your questions and that freeadvice guy's posts.. you do have a little war going on.. but you ppl are fun to watch.. thanks for the fun..
2006-03-27 22:43:48 UTC
No, if it doesn't effect your working status and others around you.
2006-03-27 22:40:13 UTC
no. even though they are not "legally" allowed to judge you by personality traits and what not, people generally still do. keep it to yourself
Ms Fortune
2006-03-28 12:49:55 UTC
no definitely don't tell them !....well least that's what the voices in my head told me to say !... and they are usually
2006-03-27 22:40:23 UTC
Yes, U should....
2006-03-28 10:17:26 UTC
ya..go ahead
2006-03-27 23:06:23 UTC
if your asking and your unsure then be sure you do.

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