How does someone get tested for ADD?
2006-03-29 11:03:01 UTC
Is this not the disorder that means you are to hyper? Someone who has this will not sit still for long? Then how do they take a test? Educate me, please.
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2006-03-29 11:12:40 UTC
Medical Practitioners, General Internist, Pediatricians, etc, will perform an easy Q&A test that could involve flash cards, picture cards-they rate your answers based on how you perceive and express yourself.

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2006-03-30 01:37:11 UTC
ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder. I have Adult ADD it is where you can not focus. I went to my doctor told him my symptoms. DOC gave me some medication it makes me focus and my grades in college are improving. I could nt focus wht was going on I was worried about everything else around me. Now I have to go see a neurologist so that he can determine that I need medication all the time
2006-03-30 00:58:41 UTC
First, most doctors would refer to this as ADHD-inattentive type, not ADD. Second, you go to a psychiatrist and they ask you a lot of questions. My friend has had a couple where, 5 minutes into their discussion of her other issues, they're like..."have you ever been diagnosed with ADHD?" Trust me, just go in and have them test's better if you don't know what they're looking for silly. :-P
2006-03-29 21:07:17 UTC
Firstly proceed with caution, too many doctors diagnose ADD today when they are unable to find an answer for restlessness and lack of concentration. while i don't doubt there is such a condition, i believe it is over diagnosed and misunderstood. speak to your doctor who should base that diagnosis on behaviour patterns over many years. If it is for a child i would advise you to have an allergy test done first. my son was diagnosed with ADHD, medication did nothing, actually made it worse. after having him allergy tested, i discovered he was allergic to 20 out of 22 things they tested. this is why he was restless, frustrated and unable to concentrate.
2006-03-29 20:26:01 UTC
My son had ADHD and before he got it I didn't have a clue. I simply took him to our family doctor and he diagnosed it. Then the school usually has a program for this and if not ask them. I'm sure they can send you in the right direction.

Good luck.
2006-03-29 19:06:17 UTC
Call around to psychiatric doctors,and ask them if they are able to conduct the test for ADD or ADHD.
2006-03-29 19:06:11 UTC
With a pencil

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