Are are as old as you feel...but do you think that age really make us wiser or is it life in general?
2006-02-02 19:30:14 UTC
Hey how old are you? and do you think your smarter then those 5, 10 , and or even 20 years older then others....?
Three answers:
2006-02-02 19:39:06 UTC
What you learn from life and others is what makes you wise. (That reads like something that should be in a fortune cookie.)
2006-02-02 19:37:33 UTC
I don't really think it's age that makes us wiser, it's expierieces. Because usually old people are wise and they've had alot of expieriences and have learned from them.

So, anyone who's learned alot through their expierience's would be wise. At least, that's what i think. So i guess you could say that in a wasy i think that age makes us wiser because we've learned more. But then again, in a way it's life.

And, you are probably mentally as old as you feel, though maybe not physically.
2006-02-02 19:41:49 UTC
Are are? what are you a pirate? I'm twentyfour with an I.Q. of 146, yet intelligent conversations are for idiots. What do they get done? Laughter and humor are the true path to intelligence. if you can make someone laugh, you're smart enough to make their brains work harder that with simple thoughts.


It has been proven laughter can be a very good medicine. Why not intelligence as well?

Not God, just someone that does not rely on conversations to be smarter or wiser. It is the interACTIONS that do it. From now on, you know more from my replies, as we ll as from others. Its a chaotic life sweets. live it up.

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