how do u make ur penis bigger without pills?
2006-01-20 20:31:33 UTC
how do u make ur penis bigger without pills?
Six answers:
2006-01-22 01:38:57 UTC
Its been proven in study after study, that the only way you can "enlarge" yourself is with surgery. and even then, they dont make it bigger, they just cut the base connection tendon off the pelvis allowing more of it to hang off. for "bigger" they implant cadaver tissue inside. but in the end, you would be best off learning to accept and enjoy yourself. "its the motion of the ocean!"
2016-06-25 17:40:49 UTC
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2006-01-20 20:34:32 UTC
use a pump or a penis ring it is simply a tight fitting ring that he puts around the base of his cock while he is still limp trust me as he gets hard it traps more of the blood in the penis causing a harder, longer erection
2006-01-20 20:32:24 UTC
I think that it is moe important to know what to do with it, than how big it is.
2006-01-20 21:00:40 UTC
You don't
2006-01-23 06:39:17 UTC
look at porn.

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